Dave Lillethun is an assistant professor at Seattle University, in the Computer Science & Software Engineering department. He currently teaches Computer Systems (OS) and Programming & Problem Solving (CS1), and has taught classes on Computer Networking and Object-Oriented Programming in the past.

See “Teaching” for office hours and other information about Prof. Lillethun’s teaching schedule and courses.

The subject of his research is system software support for live stream analytics in the Internet of Things (i.e., using live sensor data). He is working on developing a software platform for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, advocating such a system software platform because he feels it will make a significant difference in how quickly we will see the proliferation of IoT and it’s impact on our everyday lives.

Personally speaking, his hobbies include gaming of all types, including many modern board games, card games, and role-playing games, and he has also begun practicing historical fencing. He also plays a few video games from time to time. In the past, he has worked on a number of short films, commercials, and one feature-length film, most often doing set lighting and production jobs.

Dave Lillethun

Dave Lillethun

Dave Lillethun is an assistant professor in the Computer Science & Software Engineering department at Seattle University.

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