In winter 2018, I am teaching:

My office hours are:

  • to be announced


I have also previously taught the following classes:

  • CPSC 3500: Computer Systems (OS)
  • CPSC 2500: Computer Organization
  • CPSC 1420: Programming & Problem Solving 1 (CS1)


as well as the following as an instructor at Georgia Tech:

  • CS 2200: Systems and Networks
  • CS 6250: Computer Networking (graduate level)
  • CETL 8000/8801: Graduate TA Preparation (intro/advanced)
  • CS 1331: Object-Oriented Programming
  • CS 3251: Computer Networking 1


My teaching interests include all things around the general area of Systems & Networks, particularly, Computer Systems / Operating Systems, Computer Networking, Cloud Computing, Computer Organization, and Cybersecurity, as well as intro programming courses (CS1, 2, 3). In short, I like all the bits about how computers work and run peoples’ applications for them, and how to help people to create and execute exciting new applications!

Dave Lillethun

Dave Lillethun

Dave Lillethun is an assistant professor in the Computer Science & Software Engineering department at Seattle University.

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